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ITS Rocky Mountain has once again teamed up with the Utah Department of Transportation for this year’s Annual Meeting. The UDOT Annual Conference will be held October 28-30, 2014, while the ITS Rocky Mountain Annual Meeting portion will be tentatively held October 28, 2014. Both will be held at the South Towne Exposition Center. This combined event is for all public and private transportation individuals including construction, and maintenance DOT personnel.

The Conference will provide an excellent learning and networking opportunity for all. Offering top-notch training opportunities for attendees including specific tracks for maintenance and construction, design, and other disciplines. Plus ITS Rocky Mountain is sponsoring a US DOT Professional Capacity Building Program Workshop  “Connected Vehicle 101” on the morning of Tuesday, October 28, 2014. So mark your calendars and plan on joining us in October!

















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Boulder quietly tests bicycle-specific traffic signals

September 18, 2014, Boulder, CO - Rob Allen is a frequent visitor to the bike corridor along 13th Street in downtown Boulder.

But when it was pointed out to him Thursday that the typical circular traffic light at 13th and Walnut streets had been replaced with a bicycle-shaped signal, Allen admitted he had not, in fact, noticed the light.

"Guess that tells you all you need to know about them," Allen said. More








Idaho farm groups fund road safety PSA

September 16, 2014, Boise, Idaho - Two southwestern Idaho farm bureau groups are teaming up with the Idaho State Police to try to prevent fatal accidents involving automobiles and farm equipment.

According to Idaho’s Office of Highway Safety, there were five fatal crashes involving farm vehicles and automobiles in the state during 2013, making it one of the worst in recent memory for those types of accidents. More

Traffic operations center an active place during heavy rain storms

July 29, 2014, Golden, CO - Flash flooding made for a slow evening commute but a fast-paced atmosphere inside Colorado’s Traffic Operations Center in Golden.

Traffic Operations Specialists like Tanya Bowen spent the evening monitoring statewide cameras, weather and traffic, all while communicating with law enforcement, CDOT crews and the general public via the 511 hotline.

The biggest headache during evening rush hour was I-25 at the 6th Ave. overpass near downtown Denver.

“They are going less than 10 miles an hour,” Bowen said, showing the traffic mess on a nearby computer.

Flash flooding is common on that stretch of I-25, which is now under construction. More


Eyes in the Sky: ACHD is Watching You

June 4, 2014, Boise, ID - The Ada County Highway District hired Wendy Tillman and Mike Boydstun two weeks apart, 14 years ago. Now, they're practically family.

"We're like brother and sister," Tillman said. "We fight like brother and sister and we make up just the same."

As traffic operations engineers at ACHD's Traffic Management Center, they spend their days in a darkened room staring at a wall of video screens displaying 60 street intersections. More


CDOT Showcasing Real Colorado Riders, Harrowing Stories to Promote Motorcycle Safety

May 29, 2014, Colorado - Statewide Traffic Safety - Experienced riders put a face to safety training and challenge peers to participate. STATEWIDE ­– Motorcycle crashes killed 86 riders and passengers on Colorado roadways last year, and 69% of the motorcyclists were at fault. As motorcyclists across the state gear up for riding season, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) announces a motorcycle safety campaign aptly namedRide Wise. The campaign showcases real Colorado riders, each with more than 30 years of experience on their saddles, who rely on safety training to hone skills needed to ride safe in the season ahead. More

ITD rolls out new Idaho Traveler Services 511 app

April 1, 2014, Boise, ID- The Idaho Transportation Department's new Idaho 511 app provides statewide, real-time traffic information for interstates, U.S. routes and state highways throughout the state. Details available with the app include: zoomable map with selectable event icons; winter road conditions; traffic incidents; roadwork and construction; current traffic speeds and roadside camera images.

The free app is available for iPhone and Android users. The apps can also be downloaded via ITD's 511 Travel Information page. More

Roadside Hit-and-Run Alerts Become Law in Colorado

March 25, 2014, Denver, CO- Colorado will be the first state to issue statewide roadside and broadcast alerts for hit-and-run crashes under a bill signed into law Tuesday.

The law creates an Amber Alert-style notification system when authorities are looking for vehicles involved in serious hit-and-run crashes. The system includes quickly alerting the media and issuing bulletins on electronic highway signs that describe the fleeing vehicles. It will be implemented next year. More

Utah DOT Weather Responsive Traveler Information System

March 11, 2014, FHWA, Operatios News - The FHWA Road Weather Management Program partnered with Utah DOT to develop, test and deploy a citizen reporting program that allows travelers to provide road weather information reports using their smart phones. More


New traffic signs in Parleys Canyon to warn drivers of unsafe conditions

Brief synopsis: Horrocks Engineers recently performed the concept development and final design for the I-80 Parley’s Canyon Variable Speed Limit project in Utah. The project resulted in 15 new variable speed limit signs on I-80 which are used to adjust the speed limit of the corridor to better suit current roadway and weather conditions. Horrocks researched various technologies available on the market, including type of signs, and worked with UDOT to decide on a preferred sign type. Each sign is connected to the existing fiber optic network and remotely controlled from UDOT’s Traffic Operations Center. Additionally, Horrocks identified
the preferred locations of the signs. The signs are placed strategically throughout the corridor to create pecific speed zones depending on terrain and roadway geometry. The speed limit can be set uniquely according to the conditions within each zone.
The design and concept for the project lasted over one year. Construction was completed at the end of October 2013 and the signs went live on January 8, 2014. This project is the first of its kind in Utah. If it proves successful, UDOT will consider implementing it on other corridors as well.

Salt Lake City, UT — With a series of snowstorms expected to hit northern Utah over the next week or so, the roads in Parleys Canyon could be a mess.

Beginning Wednesday, the Utah Department of Transportation will start using new variable speed limit signs up and down Parleys Canyon to help make the roadway safer for drivers.

“It’s an important corridor for us,” UDOT engineer Rob Miles said.

Nearly 50,000 vehicles travel through Parleys Canyon every day, according to UDOT.

When a storm hits the canyon, it can lead to treacherous driving conditions, and the posted speed limit is too fast for the conditions. The variable speed limit signs allow UDOT to remotely control the posted speed limit in 5 mph increments. More

New CDOT Campaign Targets Stoned Drivers

February 14, 2014, FORT COLLINS, CO - Next month the Colorado Department of Transportation will kick off a new campaign aimed at warning people against smoking marijuana and driving called “Drive High, Get a DUI.”

CDOT plans to launch the $430,000 media blitz, but the agency acknowledges it will do so without any hard data quantifying the number of people actually getting arrested for driving high. More


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